Recombobulating my Discombobulated mind.

Learning anything is a messy process at the very least. At the height of intensity, when I am in autodidactic learning mode my style is hopelessly messy and akin to needing to unravel a ‘bunch of grapes’ in fishing line before being able to cast out whilst watching the tide window disappear carrying the fish with it. Creating this online space is my current ‘bunch of grapes’ and I am oscillating between proud ‘I did it’ moments and ‘maybe I should just get back in my box and stay there’ periods.

Hence this post. I spent hours yesterday happily building my WordPress site, having procrastinated for so long on the challenge I enthusiastically threw myself into the task. ( feeling the pressure of an outgoing tide)

Well done Sam, brownie points for finally getting in there and starting.

Except of course I hadn’t popped my brain into ‘think before you start’ mode and managed to write some posts and pop some pretty pictures up onto my shiny new site…………but not on the account that was linked to my web address. Sigh……….So today I am having another crack it at and this post is an attempt to pop some ramblings in the right spot and see how it lands on the interwebs.

This has been another necessary and low stakes learning curve (low stakes is always good) on slowing down just a tad so I can direct my enthusiastic energy in a slightly more nuanced and productive manner.