Here at Kinetikos, I provide integrated bodywork and custom movement programs for companion and performance horses as well as clipping and hot cloth services.

A calm, supple and rhythmic horse is comfortable in its body and enjoys freedom of movement and expression. My sessions and teachings can assist your horse in maintaining or restoring healthy movement patterns for comfort, performance, and longevity. I have completed the Equinology EEBW1 and anatomy courses. My current CPD is on fascial lines with the NW School of massage. I am also regularly participating in dissections and discussion groups with Valmont Farms and Ev’s Equine services. I study correct training principles and develop my own riding skills with Kassie Southwell as well as regularly participating in other courses and clinics with many trainers and educators in the equine world.

Collaboration is a key value for me, it is always a pleasure to explore and learn with other bodyworkers, trainers, and a solid like-minded community. Curiosity and a group of trained eyes are the ingredients for the growth of knowledge and understanding. Following the principle of mutual flourishing, this leads to evolving best practice and positive outcomes for all of our horses.

This blog will hold my musings on equine movement, care, and the Art of Horsemanship, trip reports from philosophical rabbit holes, and an eclectic mix of topics that I explore to squeeze the most I can from this amazing journey that is life. It will also probably talk about sailing a lot as well.